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Nowhereville (7 days to go)


All that remains is 7 days, and Nowhereville is nearing it’s conclusion, or rather it’s beginning I should say, because that’s exactly what it is obviously, the beginning. Now the real adventure starts, soon I’ll go out in search of these places I have spoken of so often over the preceding days and weeks. And even though I might not get close to the funding needed for this journey, I’m still determined to bring this ‘passionate affair’ to life, there’s simply no other way. This affair demands satisfaction, and it deserves fulfilling the faith shown in it by all who have taken an interest in the journey thus far.

I would like to take a moment and thank my WordPress contributors thus far, what you guys have done is utterly astonishing.  For the funding I say a massive thank you, and for the pure faith shown in the project, well, for that I don’t have the words to thank you properly. Your generosity overwhelms me, and I’m utterly humbled by it. I’m dedicating Nowhereville to you, you shared in this vision, and so this project belongs as much to you as it ever could to myself.

And these are the magnificent people I’m speaking of, thanks again guys. Soon we’ll be taking to the road, soon this project will come to glorious life.

Adrian at

Jonathan at

James at

Timm at

George at

and of course Sorin over at

You guys rock!

Street Song (Femme Fatale)

You’re written in her book
You’re number 37, have a look
She’s going to smile to make you frown, what a clown
Little boy, she’s from the street
Before you start, you’re already beat
She’s gonna play you for a fool, yes it’s true

-Velvet Underground

I’m quite pleased to announce that this project (Street Song) was invited for a solo online exhibition at The Entopic Group during the month of May. The exhibition will consist of between 15 and 20 images – which I’m still busy  narrowing down into a decent enough series, but I’m slowly getting there.  Now I just need to find some love for ‘Nowhereville’! Yes, in many ways France – and quite frankly a decent portion of my life – have been a bit of a disaster, but if this ‘passionate affair’ could just work out…Man, now wouldn’t that be something.

Street Song (Blue Alert)

Visions of her drawing near
Arise, abide, and disappear
You try to slow it down
It doesn’t work

You know how nights like this begin
The kind of knot your heart gets in
Any way you turn is going to hurt

- Madeleine Peyroux

* The question remains, this question of where memories go when they fade, when they finally disappear into the night. I call this journey the road to ‘Nowhereville’, a familiar place, and yet, a lost place. I intend to go and search for these memories soon, and I intend to give them some substance, however fleeting that may be. And any help towards bringing this quest to fruition would be ever so much appreciated. As soon as I have enough fuel in the tank this journey can commence, and then I’ll find these sad old places…somewhere out there. Thank you for your time.

Dear Darkness (2)

I need you, need you by my side
Lonely evenings, eyes are open wide
Nothing you say could make me turn my back

Well I see you, and you see me too
Moon is rising, night will be here soon
Follow me, and lay down in my room
Hold me, hold me in your arms
Well now heal me, heal me with your touch
Your touch keeps me hangin’ on

- Black Keys

* What happens to lost memories? Where do they go when they fade? They go to a place called Nowhereville’, a familiar place. Soon I will be taking to the road in search of them. Soon I will give them back some semblance of memory. That is my task, that is my desire. Join me for the ride?

Dear Darkness

From familiarly mundane, to something else entirely. These soothingly colourful landscapes transforming at night, evolving into infinite mystery. You find yourself on some obscure dirt road somewhere, nowhere. You breathe the slightly dusty night air, and you feel enveloping darkness laying down on you, loving you in that moment.  And all you can do is marvel, marvel at the vastness of it all, all that uncertainty, all that mystery, close enough to smell.

These are from another one of my many badly neglected projects. At the moment it’s all about ‘Nowhereville’, as it can only be. How strange for me as my life’s been one drawn out struggle with the very concept of focus, or more accurately, the lack of it. Always ten different roads, ten different directions badly travelled. And now this is all I can see, this one project, this one stretch of road.  Maybe it’s because this one project symbolizes all that could have been, all those badly travelled roads perhaps travelled differently. This road needs to be different, this needs to be the one that takes me closer to home, it just has to be.


You crank the window, wide,  as wide as it goes. You feel cold night air stinging your eyes, blowing sparks from burning cigarette. The road stretches, it turns, it exhales in expectation. Everything is remembered. Her ghost sitting next to you, whispering, urging you on. You smile, and then, you laugh till there’s none left. It’s a good night.

* ‘Nowhereville’ lives on! And thanks to these awesome people, these believers, this dream might still yet fly. Thanks guys, for your generous contributions, yes, but also for the belief you have shown in this humble, yet passionate affair of mine, and by extension, in me. I’m humbled, I’m grateful, you made me believe, again.

- Adrian, you rock brother! The deluxe package is your’s, you just wait and see.

- George, I’ll never forget this generosity of yours, I’m forever in your debt…

- Sorin, I only wish that I could ever do b&w as beautifully as you do, thank you so much for your support.

- Timm, thanks for the fuel! It will certainly take me to that next town, to that next destination. 

And also for the numerous messages of support, thank you, you guys rock!


Ol’ 55

Well my time went so quickly, I went lickety-splickly out to my old ’55
As I drove away slowly, feeling so holy, God knows, I was feeling alive.

Now the sun’s coming up, I’m riding with Lady Luck, freeway cars and trucks,
Stars beginning to fade, and I lead the parade
Just a-wishing I’d stayed a little longer,
Oh, Lord, let me tell you that the feeling’s getting stronger.

- Tom Waits (Live)

* Don’t forget to have a look at my humble, yet oh so passionate affair. The dream lives on! And thanks to the generosity of one of our own here on WordPress, that dream beckons ever closer, thank you S.

Nowhereville (Chapter 1)

And so it begins. This project, this passionate affair, finally in full swing. Here we go, and how it will go, only sweet mother time will tell. Yes, it may crash and burn, it might ‘fail’, but then again, it might not. Let’s see.

Thanks a million to everyone that’s been with me so far, and stick around, the dice is very much in play…

The project site’s up, and there’s a new page that will redirect you to forthcoming updates. So, please do have a look every now and again.

Regular scheduling on this site should commence soon…

* For some bizarre, and utterly confounding reason the site’s widget refuses to embed, so the best I can do for the moment is to post a link, but hopefully I’ll be able to change that soon.

And here it is:

Nowhereville (Prologue)

Some time ago, just before she left for good, we we’re lying in bed, me and her, her and me. I think we might have been listening to those mad pigeons scrambling in the roof again, doing that crazy dance they did, but I can’t be sure anymore. What I do remember is telling her what I wanted to do, how I wanted to capture memories of the world, how I wanted to create something some might possibly find ‘beautiful’. I don’t think I made myself very clear though, incoherently rambling on like I tend to do, I think she thought I was simply being morbid. Anyway.

What I’m trying to get at in a ever so labored way is that this coming summer I’m going to attempt this feat, this impossible, utterly subjective attempt at capturing something a certain few might construe as being ‘beautiful’. I’m going to travel far and wide in search of decaying memories, which is of course intangible by their very nature, but what I’m hoping to do is to give them substance in the form of all those sad and lost places alongside the road. Abandoned houses, crumbling cinemas, empty stations and railway lines, signs of places and lives that where once very tangible indeed. Through these ‘signs’, these places, I hope to give them some form of ‘memory’ again, where it might have completely vanished in time, or is very close to being utterly lost. My latest series ‘Nowhereville’ will be the inspiration for this attempt, because while I think it’s a reasonably good start, it certainly needs some elaboration and possibly a somewhat larger scope, which these travels will hopefully provide.

My plan of action is to fund this leap of faith by means of a crowd funding platform, because, well, unfortunately I’m rather poor and searching for ‘decaying memories’ needs train tickets, film (yep, going full on analog on this one), printing costs, framing, publishing etc, because at the end of the trip I’m planning on self publishing a photo book, and also I’m going to arrange an exhibition or two – which, being an unknown and all will most probably also have to be self financed, hence the printing and framing costs. My supporters will then receive printed frames of their choice, and also a copy of the book as a big ‘thank you’ as I would really like to make them a part of this whole experience, because, I mean, at the end of the day it’s universal memories, not so?

In the coming days and weeks I’ll be sharing more of my intended itinerary, the proper project statement/link, a new portfolio, latest ideas, a possible collaboration I’ve got planned, developments, and so forth. So then, thanks for listening, and if anyone has any thoughts or advice on the matter please give me a shout, it would really be much appreciated as this whole venture is very much new territory for me, and while exciting, it’s also ever so slightly intimidating. If you like, you can also send me your Twitter handle for updates along the way.

Last but not least, I would like to thank a few people for all the superb encouragement they’ve been offering over the months, Marina over at , seriously, without her continued support and kick ass attitude I don’t think (know) I would have taken this bold leap. Thanks, Marina. Also, Adrian over at for his much needed friendship and enthusiasm, you know I appreciate it, man. And then of course there’s Florian at for those tunes he loves so much, his shared outlook, his inspiration, thanks, brother.

* I’ll also continually be updating this project profile at

Dance in Time 3 (Flux)

Home is where the heart is

Dance in Time (1)

Much have been written about the nature of time. Many scientific theories attempt to explain it’s condition, it’s very structure. Through the ages poets and philosophers alike have contemplated it’s often contradictory meanings, how we perceive it happening, how we experience it in our daily lives. They talk of time lost, of waiting for it to happen, and sometimes, of yearning for more. Time, our ethereal ruler.

Sometimes we perceive time as some incandescent mad blur, at other times it slows down, almost to the extent of not being perceivable at all, swimming languidly in eternity. Time and memory, one and the same. For what else is memory, but a series of moments captured in the fluid amber of this existence, this inescapable ‘now’.

Through this ongoing project I’m attempting to explore different facets of time and memory, how it exist in tune with our surroundings, how it reverberates within ourselves, how we move through it’s illusory nature. I’m attempting to ‘see’ this very process at work while capturing these fractured, seemingly insignificant snatches of moments. My hope is for these snatches to become an indefinable whole, for them to interact and merge, becoming a tapestry of one person’s perception of what we call ‘time’.