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Nowhereville (the nature of)

Chet Baker – As time goes by

Nowhereville isn’t a place of course, its not about any physical vicinity or destination, and it never has been. It’s always only been about memories, purely a state of mind. It’s concern is our unique ways of experiencing our internal landscape, about the joy we feel when unexpectedly stumbling across some distant and beautiful shard of a memory, and yes, it might also be about the pain we feel when taking a wrong turn somewhere, ending up in some dark alley deeply unwanted. I find that these abandoned old places somehow manifest the internal landscape, that they somehow reflect them back at us, showing us our own deeply unique interpretation of them. And for that reason I believe that there might be some value in this pursuit, that in some way, however insignificant it may seem, we might rediscover some aspects of ourselves. That is the ideal, that is the hope.

There’s 28 days left to make this project fly. And if you would like to add some ‘fuel’ to the tank in order to make this all possible, please do so, it would be ever so much appreciated. More information and thoughts on what makes this evolving project tick can be found over here.

Thanks for journeying along so far. And where the road will lead us, I can’t help but wonder…

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What’s the girl on the bridge listening to, what is she thinking about? Is she happy, or is she sad perhaps? So many faces and stories, all unique, all hopeful.  How I missed them.

* I’ve been approaching a few of the local art galleries lately, and while still early days I’m happy to report that a couple of them  have shown some interest in a possible exhibition in the summer. So yes, ‘Nowhereville’ is in full swing, and through the incredible support I’ve been receiving from my fellow bloggers, this dream, this passionate affair, lives on. Thank you guys, thank you from the bottom of my ever so grateful heart.