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Dreamin’ – Escape

If I close my eyes I can smell your perfume
you look and say, “Hi baby”
If I close my eyes pictures from China
still hang from the wall
I hear the dog bark I turn and say
“What were you saying?”
I picture you in the red chair
inside the pale room

Dreamin’, I’m always dreamin’

– Lou Reed

Next post, some new ‘Nowhereville’. And ┬ástill the dream lingers, stubborn to the very end…as all dreams should do. Intangible and flimsy, maybe. Sturdy and soaking with possibility, certainly.


Street Song (Blue Alert)

Visions of her drawing near
Arise, abide, and disappear
You try to slow it down
It doesn’t work

You know how nights like this begin
The kind of knot your heart gets in
Any way you turn is going to hurt

– Madeleine Peyroux

* The question remains, this question of where memories go when they fade, when they finally disappear into the night. I call this journey the road to ‘Nowhereville’, a familiar place, and yet, a lost place. I intend to go and search for these memories soon, and I intend to give them some substance, however fleeting that may be. And any help towards bringing this quest to fruition would be ever so much appreciated. As soon as I have enough fuel in the tank this journey can commence, and then I’ll find these sad old places…somewhere out there. Thank you for your time.