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Walk the earth*

Exciting times are lying ahead, onwards I go. Time for a bit of a walk I’ve come to realize, time to go and see what I find on the road. Soon I’ll be heading out for a bit of a stroll, a 400km stroll that is, and perhaps even further. The plan is to follow one of the ‘Camino de Santiago’ routes through France to the border town of St Jean Pied de Port, where I’ll either cross into Spain, or head back, but that part remains undecided and vague, as it should I reckon.

The idea behind this ‘stroll’ is of course to develop ‘Nowhereville’ further, and also possibly to start a new project – which might take the form of a travelling diary, and contain portraits (and short profiles?) of people I meet ‘out there’. These are the main drives for this wandering, but also there’s the need for reflection, for some perspective on a life that’s become excruciatingly, and painfully stale lately. Maybe it’s all about reinvention, yes, that might just be it… I can’t really put my finger on it, but all I know is that this needs to happen, the drive towards open space is overwhelming, and I have no choice but to heed this longing, it simply feels too right to ignore.

So yes, I might be off the grid for some time as I want this to be as ‘old school’ as possible – no internet, no phone, bare minimum technology. But no worries, I’m not planning on doing a ‘Into the Wild’! Nah, it’s not nearly as dramatic as all that, it’s just that I would like to travel as light as possible, if that makes any kind of sense whatsoever. But yes, I probably wouldn’t be able to withstand the lure of the net for any appreciable amount of time, so in all likelihood I’ll be posting as and when I can on route.

Right, so catch Y’all soon then!

– Btw, my online solo exhibition (Street Song) which I previously mentioned went live today, so check it out! (just click on my name right at the top of ‘Solo shows’)

* Jules: I’ll just walk the earth.
Vincent: What’cha mean walk the earth?
Jules: You know, walk the earth, meet people… get into adventures. Like Caine from “Kung Fu.”

– Pulp Fiction

Nowhereville (7 days to go)


All that remains is 7 days, and Nowhereville is nearing it’s conclusion, or rather it’s beginning I should say, because that’s exactly what it is obviously, the beginning. Now the real adventure starts, soon I’ll go out in search of these places I have spoken of so often over the preceding days and weeks. And even though I might not get close to the funding needed for this journey, I’m still determined to bring this ‘passionate affair’ to life, there’s simply no other way. This affair demands satisfaction, and it deserves fulfilling the faith shown in it by all who have taken an interest in the journey thus far.

I would like to take a moment and thank my WordPress contributors thus far, what you guys have done is utterly astonishing.  For the funding I say a massive thank you, and for the pure faith shown in the project, well, for that I don’t have the words to thank you properly. Your generosity overwhelms me, and I’m utterly humbled by it. I’m dedicating Nowhereville to you, you shared in this vision, and so this project belongs as much to you as it ever could to myself.

And these are the magnificent people I’m speaking of, thanks again guys. Soon we’ll be taking to the road, soon this project will come to glorious life.

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You guys rock!